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Imagine that you wake up one morning to find a full scale section of an aeroplane wing subtly hidden, yet clearly dissecting your living space. What could possibly have happened? Everything seems undisturbed, there is no rubble or evidence of a crash. Rather it is as if time has stopped while a ghost plane flies through your apartment. You go to touch the metallic surface believing that it will vanish, some apparition or dream, but the cold metal does not yield.


Simon Tyszko has contracted engineers to build a full size replica of a section of a dakota wing that literally cuts through his living space,
a 5th floor flat in Fulham, London. Tyszko has removed most of the internal walls of his flat so that he cannot escape this intervention,
be he having a bath, preparing a meal or broadcasting isotopica on resonance fm.

Tyszko will continue to live with this wing for an extended period, during which time the installation may irregularly be viewed by appointment
or for one of an extended set of performances, salons, interventions and residencies by Tyszko and other artists.
Also during this period, a number of writers will be responding to Tyszko’s installation, in the form of texts for a forthcoming publication.

Tyszko loosely invites you with this aeroplane in an apartment, to reference the charged events of September 11th 2011 in New York, and further back to the 1973 Chilean coup d'état on the same date, and to consider perhaps the singular weight of the monumental metaphor, of modernism, religion, politics, engineering and economics that can crush skyscrapers and fracture civil societies.

We all have to live with the unseen threats, intrusive surveillance and ‘security’ changes imposed upon us since the actual and symbolic Twin Towers of Capital power collapsed on that fateful day, but Tyszko is literally living in the shadow of ‘the wing’.
Phllight is living within Art as performance and performance as living, the physical constraints merely becoming architectural fact, something for the artist to negotiate in his everyday existence.

For Tyszko it is a monument to ideas and planning that he now has to live with. For the rest of us, it is the opportunity to witness this terrifying yet beautiful intervention in domestic space and contemplate our own reactions.